Thursday, October 11, 2012


Today I am going to share my Moroccan tables with you.  I had not done too many difficult projects before taking this one on, so I chose a simple design. All four sides on the bottom are the same size and they taper a little towards the top. The pieces were not that difficult to cut with my little jigsaw.

The bottom part of the table is 3/4 inch plywood. The tops are solid pieces I happened to have. They were about the right size for a bedside table.

The tabletop was stained green.  The rest of the table was painted with a matching semi-gloss latex.  I chose
to stain the top because the wood had very pretty markings, which, at the end, did not show that well.

The table and the stencil designs were taken from Google Images.  I looked at many and adapted them to fit my taste.  I also used latex paints for the stenciling.

Here they are in the "Moroccan" room at our house

I will give details of the rest of the room in the next blog. Hasta la vista.  Lola

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